Write the vision. Make it plain.

Now that the New Year hype is dying down, let’s chat. I’ve been doing a lot of meditating on the distinction between goals and vision as well as their relationship (to follow along click here), and I think we get so caught up in the “New Year, New Me – Let’s make a vision board!” mentality that we forget the true meaning behind all of it.

It’s so important to me – as a product of God’s vision – to be a resource to my peeps, so I couldn’t just let us go blindly into the New Year with unrealistic, all over the place goals that don’t align with the vision for our lives. Don’t get me wrong, having goals is a great step toward enabling personal growth; however, setting goals and accomplishing them without having a vision is ineffective because there is no higher purpose attached, which is counterproductive and ultimately fruitless.

Because we were created with God’s purpose in mind and have a crucial part in making His vision a reality, we have no right to live a visionless life. Besides, God’s vision is what we were made for, so it is imperative that we start thinking about our purpose and ensuring that the vision for our life – along with defining goals –  illustrate just that. Habakkuk 2:1-3, KJV reads, “I will stand upon my watch, and set me upon the tower, and I will watch to see what he will say unto me, and what shall I answer when I am reproved. And the Lord answered me, and said, “Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.” This means that as we are seeking Christ about the vision for our lives, we must write it down – along with the process of achievement – to declare it’s existence “because it will surely come.” This leaves a record of God’s manifestation, our testimony, as a historical marker of completion. It also establishes a clear framework for generations to come – passing the torch of wisdom. For instance, imagine if your amazingly prosperous Great Grandmother left behind a journal detailing all of her secrets to running the family’s extremely successful business. You would be equipped with the necessities to keep it going strong… get my drift?

As a protagonist of intentional living, I’m constantly setting and achieving goals. However, when the idea of creating an overarching vision with defining goals – for my life, business, and anything else –  was revealed to me, I experienced a serious “aha” moment. It was like the lights had been turned on and everything was so clear about why I sometimes feel all over the place. Now that I am concentrating on the vision for my life, my goals have far more meaning.

Uniquely, goals and vision are two fundamentally different terms that need comparable  attention because without one the other can’t be accomplished. Below I’ve listed essential distinctions between goals and vision in hopes to encourage you to create a vision for your life.

Goals are usually a collection of short-term items that are checked off once successfully completed. Developing a vision consist of a more gradual process as it takes longer to realize. In addition to being a goal setter, it’s equally important to be a visionary to move our lives – business, career, etc. – forward in the way that we anticipate. After all, if there’s nothing to look forward to, how can we strive for more?

Example of goals:
  1. Save 10% of earnings each month.
  2. Meditate 20 minutes per day.
  3. Lose 10 pounds.
  4. Produce more timely content to my blog.

This means our vision will extend as much as our faith/imagination allows. Much like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I have a dream” speech, which was thought to be preposterous at that historical juncture, materialized into reality after a few years, our vision is just as capable with effort. Keep in mind however, because our goals are a continuous test of our abilities, skills and perseverance, they will stretch us uncomfortably.

To begin creating a vision for your life, start with identifying your core values and passions, what you believe to be your purpose, and how you envision your life. Remember to be very explicit as your vision should embody a clear view of the future. DETAILS! Additionally, your vision is dynamic as it can change over time, so don’t get too caught up in the now. Our vision may be very specific for money, career and/or entrepreneurship; for our lives and relationships, our vision may be immense. In either case, our vision should be intelligible because it is the foundation on which we are building.

Examples of vision, matching the goals above:
  1. I will live a financially responsible life.
  2. I will lead a mentally healthy, well-balanced life.
  3. I will be more fit and well-rounded in my exercise program.
  4. I will turn my blog into an additional stream of revenue.

Creating a vision can seem difficult and maybe even taxing, but it is undoubtedly worth it as it allows us to consider our higher purpose when setting and completing our goals. So pray, grab your journal and get to it!

I really hope you’ve enjoyed this read, and I look forward to seeing you at the top!

xoxo, Myra || Remember, everyone benefits when you love yourself. K?


7 thoughts on “Write the vision. Make it plain.

  1. A Walking Testament says:

    Absolutely, absolutely. This here is a blueprint of the kind of intention that our God has call us to begin a blatant year of destiny with. He is a specific and organized God, with everything having a purpose in our lives. Great blog Sis! I look forward to reading more.

    Liked by 1 person

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