Self-Empowerment From Within

Some of the strongest people we know have self-loathing issues. Some of them even create the most confident facade but are bound by fear. The truth is, EVERYONE has fears and some type of uncertainty or anxiety about themselves. No one is born feeling empowered as confidence is learned, so it is completely normal to feel the emptiness that comes along with matriculating through life. However, developing self-awareness and understanding your strengths and weaknesses gives you the juice (and the squeeze) you need to master self-empowerment.

Self-empowerment means that you prioritize taking charge of your own life. It’s about examining yourself and becoming more enlightened about who you are as a distinct individual. To further analyze this notion, let’s look at it this way – you cannot be self-empowered without the cognition and tools necessary for the task. The key attribute of self-empowerment is peace. I know that may sound cliche; however, most of us don’t achieve inner peace, which involves recognizing that within each of us is the ability to manifest the natural state of being we desire.

Your manifestation potential is always elevated and vigorous when you sincerely feel good about yourself and connect with your inner strength. This is where affirmations — positive statements that can help you challenge, overcome and mitigate self-sabotaging and negative thoughts — come into play! You can benefit from practically any affirmation that centers your attention on your best qualities, your capacity for change and your awareness of the deep wells of power inside you. You might worry that you don’t have time or the necessities to dwell in this mental space. But, you can start by simply taking deep inhales and exhales and thinking through your own affirmations. This immediately shifts you into a tranquil, more concentrated and amenable state to focus and later write out your affirmations.

Here are some highly recommended, basic self-empowerment affirmations to use instead of (or before) coming up with your own. These phrases work well for many self-empowerment practitioners, including myself.

10 Affirmations That Promote Self-Empowerment

  1. “I am worthy.”
    Simple but powerful. This affirmation reminds you that you have every right to ask to receive everything you want, no matter what undermining messages you may have received in earlier life.
  2. “I contain multitudes.”
    You will sometimes have mixed feelings, and you will change and evolve over time. Both of these things are okay! They simply reflect your complexity. Respect and honor your many facets, and all they have to teach you.
  3. “I am responsible for my own happiness.”
    Likewise, no one gets to take away your joy. Plus, no one can be blamed for preventing you from having it. Happiness is a choice, and it’s one you can make today.
  4. “I am the author of my own destiny.”
    No one else gets to decide what’s best for you, what you want, or how you pursue it. Say this sentence to combat the underlying worry that you need to please others or that you should bow to their expertise in matters of your own happiness.
  5. “I give and receive love each day.”
    Compassion and love boost your vibrational frequency and attract better things into your life, so a morning affirmation like this sets you up for a day of reciprocal positivity.
  6. “I have all the power I need.”
    Sometimes, we think we need to rely on others in order to get what we want. While other people can be great resources and supporters, it’s important to understand that you have everything you need inside.
  7. “I will be my own best advocate.”
    Just as you already have all the power you need, you should feel confident about advocating for your needs and goals. You don’t need to apologize to anyone for pursuing respect and success. This affirmation helps you stay in tune with that idea.
  8. “I have the power to choose.”
    Sometimes, it can feel like you’re being forced into a corner, by people or by circumstance. However, your own manifestation abilities mean that you can always choose to do something different. Plus, realizing this is freeing.
  9. “To take care of others, I need to take care of myself.”
    Whenever you feel like you’re draining your own resources to meet the needs of others, this affirmation can push you to see that you need to put your self-care first
  10. “I believe in myself.”
    Finally, sometimes the simplest affirmations are the very best. If you verbalize your trust and belief in yourself often enough, it will become the bedrock upon which all your other decisions are made.

Always remember, the mindset you’re in when you say your affirmations is almost as paramount as the words themselves. You should aim to be in a state similar to that associated with mindfulness exercises like yoga or meditation.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me. I pray that the experiences and transparency I share with you are beneficial and conducive to your growth! Until next time…


xoxo, Myra || Remember, everyone benefits when you love yourself. K?


7 thoughts on “Self-Empowerment From Within

  1. HeyMissClark says:

    You better look gorgeous while dropping these gems! I can’t agree more with you. Some times it really can be hard to motivate yourself, but protect others. & I’m SO glad that I’m seeing how important it is to cheer for my damn self and work on becoming a better me for me & then everything else. When I love me, I can pour love and passion into others.

    Thanks for this!


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