A Calling For Justice and Equality

On Sunday evening at the 2016 BET Awards, Grey’s Anatomy star Jesse Williams received the Humanitarian Award from BET Chairwoman and CEO Debra Lee and delivered the most intuitive, socially conscious acceptance speech that touched the hearts of millions. His  passion for our culture and willingness to exist beyond his profession catapults my comprehension and respect for the #BlackLivesMatter movement … Continue reading A Calling For Justice and Equality

King Kunta Cover’s March Billboard

Kendrick Lamar |  is elected for 11 nominations for the 58th Grammy Awards, one shy of Michael Jackson's record dozen. Crazy right?! In the Grammy Awards cover shoot interview with Billboard, Lamar discusses "To Pimp A Butterfly," his past Grammy defeat, his next album aspirations, and his time spent with President Obama in Billboard Magazine's March … Continue reading King Kunta Cover’s March Billboard

Better Use Telepathy, Cause You Cain’t Use My Phone

Miss Erykah Badu has channeled her musical spirit once again and created a sensational masterpiece, "But You Cain't Use My Phone!" This mixtape was named after a lyric in her 1997 hit single "Tyrone." I'm sure we can all recall that jam! This artistic experience begins the 11-track voyage with the title song "Cain't Use My Phone," and takes us back … Continue reading Better Use Telepathy, Cause You Cain’t Use My Phone