12 Days of Self-Care: Staying Grounded During the Holiday Season

It is very easy to become stressed and overwhelmed during the holidays—especially with every nook and cranny of the world being adorned in Christmas decor and music. While the holiday season can be full of joy and celebration that isn’t the reality for everyone, and if you are anything like me...this time of year can … Continue reading 12 Days of Self-Care: Staying Grounded During the Holiday Season

#SupportBlackBusinesses: 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are here, and we’re all looking for special gifts for our loved ones. Have you considered spending some of your hard-earned cash with small, Black-owned businesses? If so, I’ve got the perfect holiday gift guide just for you. If not, below is why you should! Either way, keep reading. Economic advocacy for Black-owned … Continue reading #SupportBlackBusinesses: 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Be Present.

 The most uncomfortable feeling I've experienced would have to be facing the unknown. Seriously, the restraint of not being able to decipher what's to come is simply annoying. The thing is, we cannot control everything. We make all of these immaculate plans for our lives, all the while God is laughing because His plan is … Continue reading Be Present.